What I Do

Col. Fite was an attorney by trade in Carthage, Tennessee and one of his older brothers, Leonard Beard Fite Sr., established a mercantile business in Nashville. Leonard’s son Leonard Jr. followed his father as a merchant, as did Leonard Jr.’s son John Walton Fite. John Walton Fite’s son-in-law Arthur J. Rebrovick Sr. (my father) took over his mercantile business from him… and guess what, I am also a merchant, still in Nashville. Seems to run in our line of the family. On the other hand, Col. Fite’s direct male descendants (the Robertson line) tended to be lawyers and judges just as he was, and to this day I know of at least one still practicing law in Sarasota.

I stay pretty darn busy, but what I do is nothing compared to what Col. Fite did in his lifetime!

Col. Fite’s Memoir is available at amazon.com. Just click the book image to see the listing.